5 Common Disinfecting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Disinfection is part of the new normal during this COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen greater emphasis on how we clean and disinfect our spaces, the items we used, and even ourselves to prevent the virus from spreading.

We think we know how to do this right. Just use a cleaner and wipe things down and repeat the process over and over. However, there is also a great chance that you are making a great mistake on how you disinfect, and you are not alone. We could be using the wrong disinfectant or the wrong way when it comes to disinfecting.

We talked to several companies offering Auckland cleaning services for their advice on disinfecting. Read these common disinfecting mistakes that you may be committing without your knowledge and allowing the virus to linger in homes.

Cleaning and Disinfecting at the Same Time

There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. However, not many people know this. They think that they can do the cleaning and disinfecting at the same time.

When cleaning a space, you are removing the dirt and germs from the tops or surfaces physically. Like in cleaning your kitchen countertops. Meanwhile, in disinfecting, you are killing the germs in that space. That means when you get the space clean, it does not mean that it is disinfected. Cleaning the surface and removing the germs is good but disinfecting it is better because it will ensure that you kill the germs and prevent the spread of viruses.

Using the Wrong Products

Another thing that differentiates disinfecting from cleaning is the type of product you are using. In disinfecting an area, you need products that specifically kill germs instead of physically removing them. Right now, there is a list of specific products that can kill the COVID-19 virus released by the government.

Not Letting the Disinfectant Work

We should not rush the cleaning and disinfecting process because being sloppy might endanger the lives of the people around us. You can clean and disinfect effectively when you know what you are doing. If this is your first time disinfecting a room, it is normal to take longer than usual. After that, you already know how to do it properly and will be faster.

You simply cannot apply a disinfectant and wipe it off immediately. Most products will need some time to work their magic. By letting it sit, you will get the best results.

Not Washing Hands Before Disinfecting

When you are cleaning your home, you have to keep yourself clean too. You are not excused from not washing your hands just because you are cleaning the house. Wash them before and after disinfecting to avoid contamination. Auckland cleaning services professionals recommend wearing gloves while cleaning and washing your hands as often as you can when you are on disinfecting duties.

Mixing Disinfectants

The most critical mistake in disinfecting that most of us are guilty of is mixing their disinfectants. This mistake could be deadly. That is why you must avoid this terrible mistake.

We have to learn about the dangers of mixing bleach and ammonia as these two chemicals produce a noxious gas that could hurt our eyes, nervous system, and respiratory system. And other chemicals are toxic when combined that we may not know about. And even if we have read the labels, it is still safe not to combine anything at all.

Final Swipe

There are other disinfecting mistakes that we have not included in the list. The professionals at Urban Care advise you to be careful when using disinfectants. Always read the labels, follow the disinfection protocols, and never mix chemicals. Now that you know how to disinfect, you can start cleaning and disinfecting to stay healthy and happy.

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